Wouldn't you love to close the gap between who you are now and who you want to become?

Let us get on a journey to help you REALISE YOUR POTENTIAL!!!

  • Use the power of your mind – think positively, undo negative conditioning, build positive beliefs and create the life you want.
  • Acquire the knowledge, qualities and new skills you need; become the person you need to be to realise your ambitions.
  • Take action – the right action, and lots of it.

Wouldn't you love to close the gap between who you are now and who you want to become?

We all have dreams... We all want to believe deep down in our souls that we have a special gift, that we can make a difference, that we can touch others in a special way, and that we can make the world a better place. At one time in our lives, we all had a vision for the quality of life that we desire and deserve. Yet, for many of us, those dreams have become so shrouded in the frustrations and routines of daily life that we no longer even make an effort to accomplish them. For far too many, the dream has dissipate — and with it, so has the will to shape our destinies. Many have lost that sense of certainty that creates the winner's edge. My life's quest has been to restore the dream and to make it real, to get each of us to remember and use the unlimited power that lies sleeping within us all.

Since you have reached this page on my website, I imagine you want to make some changes to your life, but you’re not entirely sure how to go about it.

You’re Not Alone!!!

That’s why there’s been such a phenomenal growth in life coaching in many countries, including India, in the past few years.

The first time I heard the term was in a talk by the inspirational motivational speaker and author, Anthony Robbins, ten years ago. ‘Some people call me a guru,’ he said, ‘but that’s not true. I’m not a guru, I’m a coach. I coach people to get the best out of themselves.’ This is the philosophy that I follow. I am not a Teacher, I am not a Guru. I am a Coach and I help people "Realise Your Potential".

Life coaches offer their services to individuals, groups and businesses, often at exorbitant rates. A British friend of mine recently paid £375 (almost Rs.37500) for three, 55 minute, four-way telephone conversations with a life coach. That’s over £9 (almost Rs.90) for every minute of his share of attention from the coach! He claims to have benefited from the sessions, but obviously many of those who need help can’t afford to pay that sort of money.

It occurs to me that I have been a life coach for over 30 years, although I have only recently begun to refer to myself as such. I have unwittingly coached my children, friends, colleagues and students.

Some of my ‘coachees’ completely turned their lives around and went on to great success in their chosen fields. None paid anything like £9 per minute, and neither need you. If you follow the tried and tested methods offered in this course, you can transform your life with no financial outlay other than the cover price of the course.

I believe the best coach for you is you, and I aim to give free rein to him or her. This course will show you exactly what you need to do to turn yourself into your own life coach. There are over 300 priceless ideas, exercises and skills to learn from and apply.

I want you to get more from this course than a warm feeling. I want you to put these principles and techniques into practice so you will reap the rewards. But you won’t gain full benefit if you merely read/listen/watch my words in the written content, audio content or the video content. That would be like expecting to get better by gazing at the label on the bottle without actually taking the medicine.

I guarantee: if you consume the content carefully and use what you learn, big changes will take place. A year from now you’ll look back with amazement on all you’ve achieved.

Look in your own heart. Unless I am crazy, right now a small voice is piping up, telling you as it has ten thousand times, the calling that is yours and yours alone. You know it. No one has to tell you.
   - Steven Pressfield

Would you want to:

► Recognise where you are holding yourself back and unleash your full potential.
► Learn ways to break through the self-imposed barriers that limit your happiness.
► Develop skills to overcome barriers to positive thought.
► Understand your personal purpose and vision to transform yourself for the better.
► Learn simple yet effective techniques to banish past fears to make the most of future opportunities.
► Get a greater knowledge of self – acknowledging what you want and how to go about achieving it.
► Learn goal setting techniques – work and personal life.
► Learn Visualisation techniques.

8 Steps to Begin Activating Your Potential for Greatness!


Everything that you do in your life with your goals, your success factors, your passions. You see your passions, your goals are not random... they are your calling so align with them.


The gifts that were given to you. You see I have gifts that you don't have and you have gifts that I don't have. Ask yourselves these 2 questions:

  1. What am I passionate about and uniquely gifted at?
  2. What would I happily stop doing because I will never be great at it?

Strengthen your strengths and ignore your weaknesses.


Set an intention and set that rocket of intention out into the universe. Create goal cards for everything you want to achieve in your life. Read these morning and night everyday.


Believe in the fact that you can create great things. You would doubt yourself, we all do. But you have done many great things in your life.

"What Seems Impossible is Now Easy!"

My son found it impossible to tie his shoes laces but within 10 days it was easy for him.

You have done some amazing things in  your life. Write them down.

Next time when you feel "I don't have what it takes... I am not good enough" go back to the notebook where you had written down the amazing things you have done.

"Once impossible! Now Easy!!"

This too would one day become easy.


Protect yourself against the naysayers. When you have a big goal...

"Have big goals that scare you... or don't have goals. Period!"

Your big goal may seem crazy to somebody else, don't let them try to talk you out of working towards achieving it.

Unfortunately, they too have  the potential for greatness but they just don't know it yet.


Commit to your dreams. Commit to your greatness. When we commit ourselves all sorts of things start moving our way.

"But you must take the first step. BOLDLY!!!"


Do the things that you don't think that you can do.

This activates your greatness. Magic does not happen within your comfort zone.

If you could have achieved greatness in your comfort zone, you would have already.

It is all about stepping out of the familiar... It is about being slightly uncomfortable.

Daring to be courageous, even though perhaps no one else is believing in you.


Expect greatness, expect results... even when what you want is not showing up.

By doing this you are allowing yourself to be in the zone of positive expectation that changes your personal vibrations and helps good things to come to you.

Meet Vikaas who will guide you to realise your potential and take your life to next level of success!

I am in the process of being an expert at taking high-potential clients to the greatest levels of success. As a lifelong student of human behaviour, I have extensively researched this question: How can tiny changes account for radical differences in achievement?

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