Unleash The Incredible You - Level 2
Change Your Mindset

“If you think you can you’re right, if you think you can’t you’re right”
- Henry Ford

​I will show you how to transform your life to a happier, more satisfying and successful. Step by step you will start becoming a different, much better YOU!

  • ​Your happiness depends of YOU, and nobody else!
  • ​It is possible! You can do it! You deserve it!
  • It doesn’t matter what happened in your past. Your future is a clean sheet!

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If you ask yourself what you really want in life, write down your goals and start working towards them, you could actually make those miracles happen.

I see it day in and day out with my coaching clients: people that come to me because they want to change something in their lives, and instead of sitting around and waiting and dreaming of a better life, they actually take matters in their own hands and start taking action!

And the results are fabulous!

I’ve been studying the principles of success and how to achieve happiness for nearly 25 years now. What I always subconsciously knew became a structured method using the tools and exercises of coaching. More than ever, I’m convinced that success can be planned and created.

The most important message in this 30 day challenge is: Your happiness depends of YOU, and nobody else! In this challenge, I want to introduce you to some proven tips, tricks and exercises that can improve your life beyond your imagination if you practice them constantly and persistently.

You don’t need to win the lottery to be happy! You can start by doing little things in your life differently in a constant and consistent manner, and over time results will show. This is how my coaching clients achieve incredible results: creating new habits and working towards their goals consistently, and doing things that bring them closer to their goals every single day. It is possible! You can do it! You deserve it!

Enrol now to get the course for Rs.999.

You have to take ACTION!

That’s the most important part – (and it is also the part that I struggled with the most for many, many years). You have to start doing and practicing the exercises and introducing new habits into your life. 

If you do the exercises in this course regularly and consistently, your life will change for the better! Experts in the field of success teachings, coaching and Neuro-linguistic Programming agree that it takes 21 to 30 days to implement a new habit. 30 days that can make a difference in your life. 30 days of working consistently on yourself and your habits can turn it all around – or at least put you in a better position. At least try it out! Stay with some of the exercises for at least 30 days. Do the ones that come easy to you.

In these 30 days, you would go through a total of 90 Action Steps. Everyday you would get access to 3 Action Steps that you would listen and read. At the end, you would be required to ask yourself some questions and there would be some action steps.

I urge you to buy a new notebook/diary/journal and take the necessary action as required at the end of each Action Steps. 

You would achieve results only if you do the action steps diligently and work on yourselves for at least 30 days, if not 60, consistently.

Here is the list of all the Action Steps:

Chapter 1: Rewrite your story Chapter 31: Uncluttering and Tolerations go hand in hand – Chapter 61: Change your posture
Chapter 2: Self-Discipline and Commitment Chapter 32: The most important hour… Chapter 62: Ask for what you really want
Chapter 3: Take full responsibility for your life! Chapter 33: Find your purpose and do what you love Chapter 63: Listen to your inner voice
Chapter 4: Choices and Decisions Chapter 34: Take a walk every day Chapter 64: Write in your journal
Chapter 5: Choose your thoughts Chapter 35: What are your standards? Chapter 65: Stop whining!
Chapter 6: What do you believe? Chapter 36: Adapt an Attitude of Gratitude! Chapter 66: Become a receiver!
Chapter 7: The Importance of your Attitude Chapter 37: The Magic of Visualization Chapter 67: Stop spending time with the wrong people!
Chapter 8: Perspective is everything Chapter 38: What if? Chapter 68: Live your own life
Chapter 9: Have patience and never ever give up! Chapter 39: Let go of the past Chapter 69: Who is number one?
Chapter 10: Learn the “Edison Mentality” Chapter 40: Celebrate your wins! Chapter 70: Your best investment
Chapter 11: Get comfortable with change and chaos! Chapter 41: Be happy NOW! Chapter 71: Stop being so hard on yourself
Chapter 12: Focus on what you want, not on what you lack! Chapter 42: Multitasking is a lie! Chapter 72: Be your authentic self
Chapter 13: Watch your words Chapter 43: Simplify your life Chapter 73: Pamper yourself
Chapter 14: New Habits, New Life! Chapter 44: Smile more! Chapter 74: Treat your body like the temple it is!
Chapter 15: Know yourself Chapter 45: Start power napping Chapter 75: Exercise at least 3 times a week
Chapter 16: Know your Top 4 values! Chapter 46: Read for half an hour each day Chapter 76: Take action. Make things happen
Chapter 17: Know your strengths Chapter 47: Start saving Chapter 77: Enjoy more
Chapter 18: Honor your past achievements Chapter 48: Forgive everybody who has wronged you Chapter 78: Stop judging!
Chapter 19: Write down your goals and achieve them! Chapter 49: Arrive ten minutes early Chapter 79: A random act of kindness every day
Chapter 20: Next! Chapter 50: Speak less, Listen more! Chapter 80: Solve your problems, all of them
Chapter 21: Avoid energy robbers Chapter 51: Be the change you want to see in the world! Chapter 81: The Power of Meditation
Chapter 22: Manage your time Chapter 52: Stop trying and start doing! Chapter 82: Listen to great music – daily!
Chapter 23: Start to get organized! Chapter 53: The Power of Affirmations Chapter 83: No worries
Chapter 24: Say “NO” to them and “YES” to yourself Chapter 54: Write it down 25 times a day Chapter 84: Use your travel time wisely
Chapter 25: Get up early! Sleep less! Chapter 55: Stop making excuses. Chapter 85: Spend more time with your family
Chapter 26: Avoid the mass media Chapter 56: Keep expectations low and then shine Chapter 86: Don’t be the slave of your phone
Chapter 27: Do you “have to” or do you “choose to”? Chapter 57: Design your ideal day Chapter 87: How to deal with problems
Chapter 28: Face your fears! Chapter 58: Accept your emotions Chapter 88: Take Time off
Chapter 29: Eliminate everything that annoys you Chapter 59: Do it now! Chapter 89: Have a highlight every day
Chapter 30: Clean out your cupboard Chapter 60: Fake it till you make it Chapter 90: Step out of your “comfort zone”
Chapter 91: What price are you paying for NOT changing?
Chapter 92: Things are only temporary

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Meet Vikaas who will guide you to realise your potential and take your life to next level of success!

I am in the process of being an expert at taking high-potential clients to the greatest levels of success. As a lifelong student of human behaviour, I have extensively researched this question: How can tiny changes account for radical differences in achievement?

Enrol now to get the course for Rs.999.

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